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While working on website usability, Esario's IT consultants place great importance on following the website design and usability guidelines of : the primary US government source for information on usability and user-focused design.

A wireframe is a schema used during conception of a webpage’s interface. Designing a webpage wireframe consists of cutting and outlining the different zones or?blocks?of a webpage, in order to define and prioritise the main sections of content and determine different functionalities. Testing a website usability begins with an evaluation of the first general impact perceived by the user.

Wireframe analysis is carried out in three steps:

1) A sample of tester users who do not know either the site or product offered.
2) An evaluation of the contents of all page templates by one of our experts.
3) A final recommendation of wireframe changes.

Navigation systems are fundamental for the usability of a website and the construction of?a coherent communication system between navigation menus and the content itself.

  • Main menu
  • Secondary menu
  • Internal links
  • Highlighted sections

Following the analysis of a website’s general organisation (Wireframes), its home page and its system of navigation between pages, we’ll analyse each block of content. Of utmost importance to facilitate navigation within a website is to maintain consistency between the following?objects: call-to-action, links, support for reading images, embedding of videos and other medias.

  • Scrolling & pagination
  • Headings, titles and labels
  • Links
  • Ease of reading texts
  • Lists
  • On-screen controls
  • Design, images and?other medias