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Decrease your CPC, improve the relevance of your ads and increase traffic to your website.

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Discover our SEM services

find out how to bring more quality traffic to your site with paid advertising campaigns on search engine sites and their network of partners. Banners and texts campaigns, re-marketing or mobile campaign.

Campaign Set-up

Start advertising on Google, Bing and Yahoo

Bids Management

Optimise price to improve cost per click

Ad Text Optimisation

To increase click through rates and lower CPC

Landing Pages

Selection and testing for each keyword

Display Advertising

With text ads, banners or videos


Result of your campaign on a weekly or monthly basis

Our Approach

Whether your company is already running Pay per Click campaigns on Google Adwords or is new to the field, we can help you manage your search engine marketing activity to increase your return on investment

All our Adwords management services include:

  • The setting up of your campaign, respecting the structure of your services,
  • Optimisation of your ad text to increase your Click Through Rate (CTR) and lower your CPC, by increasing the relevancy of the ads in relation to your keywords,
  • Selection and testing?of best landing pages for each keyword,
  • Monitoring of your advertising campaign on search engines on a regular basis, in order to?make any necessary adjustments,
  • Management of your bids,
  • Weekly or monthly reporting: to make business decisions about future Pay per Click activities,
  • Monitoring click frauds.

What is our PPC campaign management cost?

1. For a Performance Based?Campaign:
PPC campaign management allows you to control?your cost and to identify the sales made via this advertising channel.

If you?offer direct online payment to sell your services or products, Esario will help you identify?a return on investment (or commission on sales) that you are?comfortable with. This commission or ROI must be?similar to?the cost of your other distribution channels.

Once the ROI is chosen, Esario will manage your search engine advertising campaign, allocating a part of this budget to buy keywords, and a small part to pay the management fee.

This model offers you two?advantages:

  • Your company will?make only profitable sales via PPC advertising, as this model is performance based.
  • Esario will work hard to optimise your campaigns and to make sure they generate the maximum number of sales on your site.
  • Minimum Overall PPC Budget: ?5,000/month

2. For a Brand Campaign:
Esario takes a percentage of your overall advertising budget, which will vary according to?the size of your campaign, or a standard management fee.